Cargo/Dome light Issue


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Hello sprinter community my wife finally allowed me to purchase my dream, 2015 Mercedes passenger van! I have been OCDing for one of these since she forced me to sell my 1977 Volkswagen Kombi back in 2009.

I have been searching threads and I have not been able to find the answer to my question. I'm hoping that one of you have my answer.

When I was trying to change out the cargo light bulbs, in the overhead AC/heater unit, from a standardize festoon bulb to a LED bulb, all of the lights went black and now refusing to turn on. I checked all the fuses and they seem to all be intact. Please note I am not electrician or necessarily a motorhead. My local Mercedes dealership is unable to see my van for two weeks due to the holiday, we have a road trip that is slated for next week. What do I need to do to fix my baby��

I may be looking at the wrong fuse box, I'm not totally sure what I am doing here.... I checked the fuse box under the seat, and the one next to the parking brake, is there another one I don't know of?

You are my only hope, Obi-wan
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Have you tried re-installing the original lamps? Maybe the system doesn't like your replacements?


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I had a similar issue on my 2016. I eventually got them to work by rotating (spinning while in the fixture) and wiggling them around, it seemed as thought they were not making a good connection. They still seem to flicker a bit when on, not often.


LEDs are polarized. have you tried pulling them out flipping them around one at a time?

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