Cracked turbo hose fix (adap09)


2008 ROADTREK on F/L 2500
EuropartSD lists the above "adapter" as a preventive fix for an (allegedly) failure prone component. Apparently this failure throws vehicle into LHM.
Anyone have any experience or further info on this "fix".

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Failures (leaks) in the Sprinter's turbo plumbing have been a consistent bane for both T1N and NCV3 owners.

I vaguely recall that MB finally added a little bit of length to one of the NCV3 turbo hoses to try to lower the "torn end" occurrence, but that could be a figment of my imagination (or faulty memory). Since i've got a T1N, i only noted it in passing, versus diligently dug into it.

(my turbo resonator duly cracked a couple of years ago and i replaced it with a $30 3rd party (Dorman) unit, instead of the $130 3rd party "Will Never Die" aluminum pipe option.)

So: the adapter may/will help prevent the problem, but it's not going to guarantee that you won't get a leak... and the hose could die somewhere else along its length (eventually).

There have been numerous threads (more for the T1N than the NCV3) about turbo leaks ... the Search function, limited to the NCV3 threads, would probably give you a better hint as to how frequent/prevalent the issue is, and whether or not it has diminished over the recent years.

The Sprinter Store (Upscale Auto in Oregon) also sells the/an NCV3 adapter (indeed, they may have been the original developers).

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2008 ROADTREK on F/L 2500
Did find a lot on the T1N. Less on the NCV3 but nothing on this product and since I'm driving an '08, some of the later mods or fixes probably dont apply.
Thanks again///Ed


I had it on my 07 .
When the hose finally failed I never reinstalled them .
Never had an issue where they would have helped


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Not much has been done to the intake system since introduction, with exception of the intercooler hose on the driver's side (on left hookers) .

The revised one emulates in shape the traditional toilet P trap form as seen on the right side.

Overall I would say that looking at the set up the whole thing if fraught with potential problems; mostly caused by component failure resulting in boost losses and limp mode conditions.

To be frank the current design reminds me of a pre-production offering.

Certainly glad MB doesn't make aeroplanes out of Sprinters~

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