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I just purchased a 2016 4x4 3500 Advanced RV conversion (in Ohio). I took it to Georgetown Mercedes to get the Texas inspection done - online scheduling, same-day service available. They were on-time for the appointment and very friendly. They have a new, separate building for Sprinter service. The Sprinter Manager introduced us to their head Sprinter tech, and both took the time to answer our questions. They had us back on the road very quickly. I hope not to need them again before our first service, but I am very pleased with my interactions with them so far.

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Love to hear any feedback about this dealership. I'm about to pull the trigger on a 2016 Cargo van, and wondering whether it is worth a 2 hour flight and a 2 day drive home to get my vehicle here. They seem to offer a pretty straight forward limited hassle attitude for the initial purchase.

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I have bought three sprinters from Dave at Georgetown and he is really the best i have dealt with and I have tried buying closer to me with poor results. They have hands down best prices, some of the nicest stock vans on hand (not stripped out cargo vans). Everytime I have flown in and he has picked me up no problem.

I just bought a 2016 4x4 low roof from him a month ago, and service was the same as in 2012. He is awesome and he knows Sprinters unlike most MB dealers.:rad:


Agreed. Dave cuts to the chase. Strongly suggest serious buyers first shop his inventory on-line. Then, fly into Austin to narrow-down your selection and to take delivery.

Drop-off the family at IKEA across the highway for a few hours while you look at inventory. Call ahead to sure Dave will be in his office. He's a busy guy.

I would prefer to buy from a dealer nearer my home with a savvy Sprinter sales manager and some interesting inventory....if one existed.
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Looking for updated information. We have a View motorhome that will need some service. How is this dealership for service and pricing?

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