Draining DEF from tank - info/pictures


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Thanks for the autopsy by the way. I have only been testing what goes in but this year the RV hasn't used as much because of the China virus so before I topped it off after the last 2 trips I thought I would test it. If it wasnt for you discovering the flap the tester tube might have been caught. The filler tube is short enough for my tester. The top of the tank where the fill tube enters was easy enough to access and so was the flap.
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Thanks for the additional input. Please correct me where I may be wrong. Disconnect the clamp from the filler tube and lift tube out of rubber fitting. From the picture above, inside the tank the filler tube appears to be about 1.5 inches long (any idea of diameter) and the spring small diameter so not very strong. Using a plastic device to hold the flap open, insert plastic tubing and pump fluid from DEF tank. Remove plastic tubing, reconnect filler tube and clamp, refill with fresh DEF. I'm not trying too oversimplify and know that care must be taken to achieve good results. I'm willing to try but just curious if anyone else has actually done an extraction and replacement of DEF using this method.


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Using a "standard" (?) chopstick inserted proximately seven 7-1/2 inches provide ample space for extraction tube removal. Very flimsy, care needed.

Noticed IMG_3674.JPGIMG_3675.JPGIMG_3676.JPGtank filler neck stub-out is stainless steel reinforced.


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And...there I was... test firing my new, Umarex, 50-shot, fully-automatic, twin-cylinder CO2 powered Selbstladewaffe .177 cal, BB MP 40.

The tank was in a cardboard box behind a box filled with a bunch of other cardboard boxes and didn't expect BB penetration.

Didn't penetrate tank but left some serious divots. One second burst cuz I heard ricochets everywhere.
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Figure on fabricating a steampunk type wash basin repurposing a tank as a gray water reservoir. I need to consult Hine for his thoughts to close-off the tank cut-out.



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Here's the lowest of three modules comprising the cramped and fully enclosed Torpedo Room.

Notice the birthing bar for those pesky and stubborn hang fires.

Just kidding, it's a space maintainer i'll cut out once everything's fasten together.


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