adding passenger side door grab handle


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2005 adventurous rs
i want to add a grab-handle to the passenger side door. the headliner has plugs in place where it would attach. i sourced the handle and associated mounting bracket. however, after looking at it, i think the headliner may be a roadtrek part, not MB. i don't see a way to anchor the bracket, and it looks like the curtain operation would interfere with the handle placement.
has anyone added a handle? thoughts? thanks, kris :thinking:


Got any photos? Our handles just bolt into the rivnut pieces that are already in the headliner area, but I have a MacNellie adjusted 411CDI, not a coachbuilt professional job.

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My 2004 cargo has no handle.

My 2006 has the OEM handle at the top trim. For shorter humans that handle is useless because when your reach is that extended you have little pull strength especially for older folks (if it can be reached at all).
Edit: Oops. Not side door, passenger front. This won't work.

This doesn't answer your question, but may work for your side door if you have OEM seats.

Side Door Entry Handle

Our added slide door entry handle has been working great for almost 7 years now.

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