T1N Engine Rattling, safe to drive?


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I used some silicone caulking on mine. Lasted a few days at low mileage. I would fear removing the ring due to balance issues.


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The ring is asymmetrical with material removed at a specific point. Once it's moved the balancing benefit is lost although the damping is still there if its bonded with the rubber. It's purpose is to prevent fatigue failure of the crank and pulley over hundreds of thousands of miles. Driving a few hundred miles under low load will have little or no impact on the life of the engine.


So I have no reception and Wi-Fi but I guess I reached the same conclusion that you guys did. I drove 50 miles on it to an awesome diesel mechanic shop and they took the belt off and removed the ring. They also made sure the harmonic balancer was on there tight. After that (10 mins or so haha) I headed back and made the last 500 miles or so safely. Noticed a lot higher vibration as I approached 70 mph so stayed well below that.

You can see the ring removed on the floor of the shop by the driver door.

Thanks for the quick responses guys. Sorry I could only check it when I was at a place with Wi-Fi

Now my next question is what harmonic balancer is recommend for replacement? I am fine paying more so this does not happen again. Any thoughts?


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Order from a dealer. Don't buy anything aftermarket (Doorman etc). It will fail and there's no savings.


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Just make sure you replace the crank seal, the bolt and the stepped cone washer.
Then ensure you can lock the crank with a tool and tighten it up correctly so that it doesn't fall off!


POSTED TWICE (in multiple topics I was commenting it):

So I was able to knock out the harmonic balancer (seal, bolt, washer), water pump, pulleys, tensioner, serpentine belt in an afternoon. Didn't have to remove the radiator or swing it out. Just add some space like most people have done on here.

So I didnt buy the big torque wrench though... was able to get the old one off easily enough without a puller (hammer, pry bar, etc...). I went to a local diesel shop in Chicago equipped with my parts and asked him how much to just install the HB and torque it down, he wanted $700+ (6 hours of work), so I said no thanks Ill do the whole thing in less time, including water pump etc. However I did ask him if I get it tight enough would he torque it down for me and he said yeah for $40, which I am ok with. He has a 600 ft-lb torque wrench for semi trucks so should work. The place is under a mile from my house so I think it will be find if I get the HB as tight as I can with a breaker bar.


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Thanks to input from Alex243 we now have one data point as to how far you might travel with a removed failed HB ring.

... How much time do I have? I am 500 miles from home.

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How high is up?

... To be clear. I have never tried what I suggest above. I have no idea what the risks of trying it may be.

Good luck.


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I am yet to confirm if my vehicle has a Harmonic Balancer but it does look like it has one to me, yet to confirm tho'. Looks and feels fine if it is one!

My issue is that I have a partial LHM and identical sound to the video in this thread.

I also have a fault code P0008 and have started a thread about my partail LHM & slight rattle.

All info. in this thread very useful so thanks to everyone :cheers:

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