RPM limiting issues (2004) - LHM?


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Hi all,

Hoping to draw on the communal wisdom of this forum. I'm new here - just bought a 2004 Dodge Sprinter with a 159" wheelbase. Got a great deal on it, plan on turning it into a camper van.

But before I do that I need to sort out some mechanical issues. The van runs great for a little while but then, without fail, after running for 10 minutes or so the engine seems to limit itself to <3000 rpms. Even in neutral with the pedal to the floor it doesn't allow it to go above 3000. After it is parked and cools down it will return to running normally.

After doing some reading it appears that this may be a form of LHM (Limp Home Mode). I was wondering if anyone else experienced this issue? If so, what was the cause found to be?

When I put the key in the ON position a maintenance code appears on the dash "-88500". I haven't been able to find any information on this code. I also plugged in a little code-reader handheld device and it isn't picking up any error codes.


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