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This is a heads up for new forum users: almost every topic in conversions has multiple interesting and informative threads from many years of users's experience. Early forum users were serious DIY'ers, so some of the best advice may come from these guys in older threads.

If you can't find what you need using "Search Forums" then try the Advanced Search.

If you post lots of specific questions that could be easily answered by using this feature then you will get either: answers mainly from other new users and/or quick answers from the old timers who wish you would do a little homework, or no answers by people who are tired of that question.

Also very helpful and time-saving for everyone are the "sticky" posts at the top of each section of the forum. Those who posted the sticky posts put a fair amount of effort into the topics and trying to explain them.
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I find that using the Advanced Search to key in on specific sections eg.- NCV3, T1N, Conversion helps to narrow down the received hits.

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3 letter words/acronyms eg. - EGR, DPF, ECM seem to work better in an advanced search than they do in the general search box. That may be an assumption on my part though. :idunno:

Choosing the proper key words can be a challenge. I avoid using too many key words at once. Less can be more. Typically I limit my key words to 3. If that doesn't get me what I'm looking for I will often remove one and add another rather than lengthening the string.

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When trying to Search using the "By" or "Advanced Search" "Posted By" filter, note that it seems to list only the first 10 names that it hits, even though there may be additional active members. To advance, additional characters must be entered to reduce the list.
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In Search's "By" and Advanced Search and using "Posted By", auto-fill does not work for members who have not logged in for a long period of time. Unfortunately, going to Members to try to find a member's user name that does not auto-fill will not help unless you know the full user name.
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Did the Search function get removed? I'm not able to find it on the forum. The screenshot posted by HKPierce shows it should be right be the notification icon.

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