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2004 T1N Westfalia

Good to know these CoverKing universal bucket seat covers work with our seats and armrests. Didn't know whether our seats needed trucker seat covers.

Nice tootsie roll armrests. I use old stretched out socks for armrests. I bought the Costco sheepskin front covers, but the elastic straps lost elasticity within first year. Also, sheepskin is thick so cuts down seat area.


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Tootsie roll armrests - an amusing parallel:) Actually those are socks! I'm not really into the 'Camo' look - but the various shades of black, white & grey do complement the rest of the interior. I just substitute the phrase 'camo' with 'euro' - that works for me!


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We have these on the fronts:
and this on the back (we don't have a pet but we do have kids):

We're very happy with all of it. The fronts can get a bit sticky on very long drives, but it's not a big problem. The nice thing is you can just take them off and machine wash. The back works out quite well too esp. for the kids. The pockets are useful. I used a bungie cord in the back to keep the strap attached in such a way that it all still easily converts into a bed without removal. Only thing I don't have covered is the rear headrest. Have not found a solution for that yet.


We had seat covers similar to onemanvan's.
The "thin stretchy fabric" did not hold up for too long. Plus the thin foam underneath the "face" fabric started to deteriorate and create too much of a dust.

So, I gave up on searching...

p.s. next set I will do in neoprene... just need to find the right print in "westy" colors :)



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Love those seat covers, 15 year old upholstery needs a little help sometime. By the way, how did you remove the armrest on the bench seat, I couldn’t see how to unscrew, it looks riveted. Thanks


2004 T1N Westfalia
Someone else will have to answer as I don't remember (took mine off years ago and stored away). But it was definitely something to unfasten (screw, bolt, nut?)--not a rivet. See if there's anything on the underside of the armrest.

Also, see if there is any plastic cap which might conceal a fastener.

After removal, there is a hole in the fabric where the end of a metal cylinder can stick out. Folks have sewn a patch, or added a plastic cap inserted into the metal tube and covering fabric.
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