Fantastic Fan Placement Considerations


I'm looking at my roof in terms of installing my fan, and I'm wondering what I need to consider for this installation? It looks like there are two ideal spots for the install, one in the front of the cargo area, and one between the second rib section from the rear.

If I install in the front, I can mount solar in the rear and have easier access to wipe snow off the panels in the winter, from the rear door ladder.

If I install it in the rear, I can circulate more air in the van. However, it will be over my bed which has it's pros and cons. Hot summer night ventilation, which is a pro, but if it leaks, big con.

Since I'm planning to put the bed in the rear and the kitchen towards the front, I feel like the happiest medium would be right at the edge of the bed and kitchen area, which is about the third rib section in. But the fan is 14"x14" and the rib stampings in this section are 17" long, which seems like it will not be able to be installed there.

I have a 2005 158" Tall roof. Any input is appreciated.


I had a Maxxair fan installed in my 2004 158wb and I wondered where the best spot would be as well. Ultimately, I decided at the back of the van right past the wheel wells where there isn't any rib section. My thought was having it there would allow for more air flow further into the cargo area.


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I put mine in the front. I have two fresh air intake vents are the back sides, right near the head of the bed. Works great.


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I put my Maxxair in the front location and still managed to shoe-horn a panel in front to add to the one behind. I have sliding rear windows that will provide a nice back-to-front breeze.



I put mine in the front. I have two fresh air intake vents are the back sides, right near the head of the bed. Works great.
I hadn't thought of that. What kind of vents are you using?

Perhaps I should have mentioned my only windows are on the rear doors. Looking to stay stealthy.


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I am planning to put mine in the rear over the bed. At home, if I turn on my whole house fan and open a window near the fan, the air never mixes in the rest of the home and the inside temperature isn't reduced much. I figure with the fantastic fan installed in the rear and either the van's front windows cracked or the CRL venting window behind the driver cracked open, I will get airflow through the entire van. If I did the same with a front-mounted fan it would only pull the fresh air up and out.

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Fantastic Fan Placement

Since bed is in the back, placed fan in the front do to noise and for when the auto close rain function does not work or power would not be available



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I put the FF in my 02 158" over the rear bed. It gets used a lot on warm evenings.

I particularly enjoy not having to get out of bed to turn it down or off as the night turns cooler.



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If you ever plan on camping in places that are just a bit too hot to comfortably sleep, put the fan right above your bed and set the fan to push air down on you. This technique has worked great for us and we use it this way often. In my case, this caused me to have to cut a hole where there was ribs in the roof. Get some foam weatherstrip filler and good caulking and carefully seal things up, and then test for leaks before installing your headliner.

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