Steering: pulls to right

I had the tires rotated (5000 miles) as usual at same Goodyear facility. Right away I noticed on the highway it pulls slightly to the right. This is the first time since '02. It did it under a lot of weight, and empty, the same amount. I made sure the air pressures were correct several times. I'll take it back to Goodyear but wanted to have some better info before I let them tell me their solutions, or attempt to work on the alignment. What other things could cause slight pull to the right?


Former Nelson BC Sprinter
A stuck R caliper can also cause pull to the right
Update: I rotated the tire back so the pull wasn't so bad. After another 12000 miles the right front tire was scalloped on the outer edge. So i bought a new set of Nokians. The mechanic found the tie rod arm was loose. New install with realignment and she drives straight as before.

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