SGII Code vs The Complete Sprinter Fault Code Guide

I finally obtained a copy of Eric J Ord's The Complete Sprinter Fault Code Guide Volume 1: 2000-2006. I was wondering if Scan Guage II code and the Eric's code are different. For example, I sometimes get P0675 code in SGII that is interpreted as glow plug issue. But when I look at Eric's code glow plug codes start from 1480 to 1482. I scan through entire book but couldn't find P0675. Any idea?


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The DTC's (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) you get on your Scan Gauge II are generic DTC's and meet the requirements
for USA built vehicles.
Eric Ord's The Complete Sprinter Fault Code Guide Volume 1: 2000-2006 gives you the real MB specific DTC codes and
sub codes that are only obtainable with a much more advanced (and expensive) code reader.
You won't see the MB specific codes and sub codes found in the Eric Ord's books without a much higher level
scan tool.
One of the made in China clones of the MB SDS (Star Diagnosis System used by authorized MB Sprinter dealers),
DRB-III, DAD (Dr. A Diagnostics), or perhaps the Autel MD802 MaxiDiag Elite OBD-II/EOBD Scanner will get you
the genuine MB DTC codes and sub codes + most of these have a live data feature that allows you to see quite a
bit of what's happening with your engine management and emissions control systems.
If you purchased the Scan Gauge II (a bit of a misnomer IMHO) as a DTC code scanning device, that is not what
it does best.
If you purchased the Scan Gauge II as a performance and fuel mileage enhancing device, then you got what you
were asking for.
The Scan Gauge II allows you to see a lot more of what's going on with engine management in your Sprinter,
in real time, as you are driving down the road, and can be beneficial in giving you the info you need to make
"interventions" (mostly manual downshifts in response to very high % engine Load levels) to give you the best
performance, best fuel mileage, possibly better long term reliability.
It's not a Scan Tool/device to discover generic DTC's, although it can sometimes lead you in the correct direction
as to the cause of a problem, but then again just as well could lead you away from the true source of the problem.
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sailquik, thank you so much for your explanation. That clears up.
Now then, what kind of MB specific DTC code scanners do people have? Can some of you chime in?

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