Limp Mode 2004

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how do you get a used but serviceable actuator on an exchange basis?

I have checked everything.......turbo hoses all good....fuel filter new...maf good...boost sensor replaced...I dont think the turbo is damaged but it goes into the 2800 rpm dance a thon.

I am wondering if anyone has just replaced the electronic portion of the actuator?

It seems like you have to purchase the entire turbo to get the mechanical actuator

Thanks.replys appreciated


UK 2004 T1N 313CDi

My guess, it is not the actuator!

Something else is not right and the computer is telling the turbo 'No Boost'!

You need to get a decent scan to ascertain the cause of your LHM, throwing parts at it is not the answer.

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sprriYou can purchase just the actuator here:
That's a ~$700 part, and most likely not returnable.
As suggested find a MB or Freightliner Sprinter dealer or a Top Tier Independent Sprinter shop and have them run the
live diagnostics to determine what codes are stored in the ECM, when they were stored, plus the diagnostics will
compare many of your sensors to known plausibility parameters.
It could be a simple sensor, or a wiring harness issue, or any of a great number of issues that tell your
ECM that all is not well and puts you in LHM.
I agree with Keith, get the live data before you spend a lot more $$ throwing parts at the problem when
you have no real idea as to what the problem is and what's causing it.

Turbo John

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Found it.......could not see it either. All hoses looked flawless as well as the turbo resonator.....code showed boost sensor...replaced it.......thought it was the end......nope.Limp mode again.......this time I had a tech with a smoke machine and some way to see it with dye.

Small leak in the crack.....nothing to see really and that is why we missed it.........looked like the lid was lifting off......hardly could tell with the naked eye....smoke did it..seeped out a little tiny bit.....problem fixed

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