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Hello, looking for a little help.

Vehicle: 2005 Dodge Sprinter, 2500, 190,000 miles

There were no check engine lights illuminated and the cruise control was working before I started working on the van.

I replaced the wheel berrings on the left front wheel. Upon reassembly I had ABS, ESP, and traction lights on. I took another look and realized that I had bent the tone ring during the wheel bering job. The tone ring was straitened by hand, I have no ABS/ESP/Traction control lights but I'm now having some strange symptoms.

Current symptons:
Cruise control only works below aprox 40mph, from about 40mph to 60mph the accelerate function of the cruise control is working but it wont hold speed, above 60mph nothing is working. I am also getting some ABS activation at very slow speed braking.

Local mechanic pulled the following codes.

C5114 Control unit is faulty
C54BB Lateral accelerator sensor internal fault
C54F7 System under voltage
C5159 Brake switch circuit
C5417 Left Front RPM Sensor signal

Any help on where to start ? I assume that replacing the tone ring is first. But do you think that all of these items are faulty or are these issues a result of the tone ring issue?

It seems to drive fine now but I need cruise control.

Thanks for any help

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