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Good Morning. I have a 2005 Sprinter with dual rear wheels. I am looking for the rear axle nut socket. If anyone can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated
All I know is the correct socket is a Miller 9290 but cannot find it for maybe someone knows where I can get it or a similar one:bash:


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Called Snap On directly and they don't have. Called Mopar Essential tools and it is discontinued with none in stock. Someone has to make aftermarket.


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May have to have a machinist make up one.

If you didn't notice, the service manual also lists the MB number for tools that there are MB equivalents of. The 9290 is listed as MB tool 309 589 01 07 00. I did quite a bit of looking on the net, googling, Samstagsales, etc, didn't find it. There is one somewhere out there.

I did find this, right number, description doesn't make sense, no pic.

A listing in Russia

A Norway listing.


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... maybe someone knows where I can get it or a similar one:bash:
A long shot??

Nut Axle Hub 2006 3500


Is #10 here the part?

If yes, it appears to have 6 lugs.

There is a tool with 6 lugs. If the diameter is close...

Some dimensions are here.

Powerbilt 2 5/8" diameter

Snap-on 2 1/4" diameter

A Spindle Nut Assortment. Maybe one is close enough, or one can be modified?

:cheers: vic

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