Who has a better camp site than me?


We hiked up to Hatch Peak over the upper lakes, but slept at the turnout just below the pass and above Summit Lake. No traffic overnight.


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pano parking lot 1200 px.jpg

Spanish Banks, Vancouver.

Undeniably the best boondocking site in town. Get it while you can. I counted at least a dozen overnighters in this lot alone, despite signs prohibiting such activities. There are several lots like this.

Police patrol intermittently, but take no action. I suspect it's grown too large and ticketing over a hundred miscreants like me would take all night.

Get it while you can. I expect a clamp-down soon. All it will take is for someone to do something stupid and the neighbours will complain. It's relatively easy to gate off most of these areas.

There are idiots everywhere, including this guy who has a wood stove inside his Chebbie.

IMG_20190825_204529 1200 px.jpg

The views are spectacular, day or night. It's an off-leash doggie park and when the tide's out, you can walk for hours on the sandbanks.

Pano Vert Feet Sand Freighter 1200 px.jpg


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Camped in the middle of the Playa, assembling the Larry Harvey memorial. Three nights of open desert to the north and LED madness to the south....



Last weekend we met some old friends (all our friends are old!) at Sugarite Canyon State Park just outside of Raton, New Mexico.
Pick your poison from rock climbing, biking, hiking, water sports, or just hanging out watching the wildlife and taking in the scenery.

sugarite canyon new mexico.jpg


Yep...The best level spot in a hundred yard radius and it took 4 wheel drive to bump over the railroad ties to get there.
The leveling blocks stayed in the van.
The campground host said at our group campsite "park anywhere" and we took her up on it!


The campground host said at our group campsite "park anywhere" and we took her up on it!

Hmmmmmm.... my opinion... sooo not cool...

Again, it's just my opinion... but if I asked if it's OK to gather firewood in a Park and was told OK, just don't cut any living trees so I cut up the picnic table... sorta the same excuse for common sense.. (I've seen both tables and bollards cut up in campgrounds, it does happen)


While I put in new 4x4 routes to the tent camping spots at Sugarite there was big news just across the state line in Trinidad, Colorado.
Governor Polis announced the purchase of what will be the second largest park in Colorado- the Crazy French/Fisher's Peak swath of land near the border of New Mexico and Sugarite.
With other existing protected lands this will be 50 square miles or so of open space just a few miles off I-25!



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the road to Hyder Alaska....
That first picture is AWESOME. :clapping:

Man, I'm so jealous. If/when I ever get this dream van of mine put together, I am definitely doing an extended tour through Alaska.

You may or may not be familiar with Hyder Seek. It's kind of an exclusive long distance motorcyle rally. Basically, riders from all over the country meet up in Hyder Alaska for the sole purpose of having lunch. I have a friend who did that meet one year. We're both IBA members, a long distance motorcycling club,


VanGoSki.... I’m planning a Thurs-Fri at the NorCal Sprinter Campout in Taylorsville..
come have a beer if you’re there..


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the road to Hyder Alaska....
I didn't think the Hyder campground was anything to write home about. It was junky and uneven. It was also wet and puddly when I was there. But it was all worth it to see the bears in the national forest elevated boardwalk along a stream just outside of the town.

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