Who has a better camp site than me?


For the last isolated night of our 4-month saga, we pulled into a nondescript campground on Starvation Lake near Duchesne, UT, because spots along US50 looked dicey. We pulled in late and didn’t expect much. I certainly didn’t expect to see this in the morning.



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This guy has a pretty interesting YouTube channel.

Slim Potatohead roams around the continent with a pop-top A-Liner trailer and makes videos about his adventures.

Here's his take on Slab City.

Seeing those hanging lights brings to mind a couple of Luci Lights I bought last year. They are solar charged, no batteries ever. They are inflatable for packing down into a flat circle. They have a multitude of colors one can choose and a charge lasts many hours. The brightest color setting could 'almost' serve as a rewarding light.

I recently saw a solar charged light array with some hanging lighted balls that also have a variety of colors and can be set to alternate between various colors. These are on the website Wish.com. I might be picking up a few of these for my next whale magic adventure.

Thanks to all here, AND, bless our veterans tomorrow when you have the chance to show appreciation.


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Some day, somehow, I gotta get my butt down there.

Great shots, IJ. :cheers:

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