Who has a better camp site than me?


Revelstoke, BC. That was actually my 17 yo son and a friend camping across from Mt Cartier the night before they hiked up and rode their bikes down, 2 500 meters.

Sweet video!

I wouldn't say one is better than the other, just different and beautiful in their own ways.
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The whole beach and camp area all to myself..



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OK, OK...
I'm torn between two different campgrounds ... but they weren't with our Sprinter ...
When we're out of the country, we rent VW Kombis as a our sleeping quarters ....
So here is one of the VWs at one of the campgrounds:

Here's the view out of the side windows visible above, showing the rest of the campground's occupants:

Here's the view out of the other side window:

In the morning it was a bit calmer:

Then, a few days later we stayed at another campground... we drove on to the grass putting our nose next to one of the fire pits:

This was the view through the windshield:

And this was the view out the side window:

The campground had a parking pad with hose to wash the salt spray off in the morning.

First site: Baffles Bai,
Second site: Tsitsikamma section of the Stormsriver Mouth branch of the Garden Route National Park... South Africa

--dick (photos from page 3 of our travelog starting at http://www.seymourstainedglass.com/travel/SouthAfrica/capetown.html )


We just started exploring in the sprinter...but this summer delivered a few worth adding:

Okanagan Valley, BC

Sunshine Coast, BC

Feathers, Central WA

Squamish, BC

Pemberton, BC

Yoho NP, BC

Vancouver Island, BC

and of course....on those days where we're willing to do a little extra work on top of where the van takes us...

Scott Provencial Park, BC

Joffre Lakes, BC

Tooth Fairy

Away with the fairies.
Beautiful pics.......love them. :cheers:
Camping by that running river, did you get any sleep?

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