ACRONYMS which may come up DRBIII, DAD

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This is copied from my Tips for New to Sprinter owners thread.

I've received some inquiries as to Sprinter acronyms and abbreviation abbreviations. Having a separate thread may make this info easier to find.

DRBIII, DAD and some other acronyms which may come up

What specifically does DAD stand for? Not my Dad, cause he's of no use here....
The DAD is Doktor A Diagnostics

It is a fleet purchased aftermarket scan tool which Doktor A supplied at a great low price until the supply dried up. If memory serves it is related to the Carsoft technology. It accesses via K-line communication and will work on 2001 - 2006 (NAS aka NAFTA) T1N Sprinters. It will also work on Euro models with a proper cable adapter. I'm 100% certain that it will not work on any NCV3 models (CAN bus accessed).

DARF (Doktor A Rsn Fix)
A cure for RSN accomplished by drilling a set size bleed orifice for a specific transmission solenoid.

Oh yeah, DRB too....

Dirty Rotten Bastard?

^^^ that's what it means according to
If you can believe this...

"It is the Chrysler(Dodge) factory scan tool. It stands for Diagnostic Readout Box (model 3?). The DRB III was/is used for vehicles up till the 2006 model year." The DRBIII and Sprinters up to NAS aka NAFTA MY 2006 use K-line for scan tool/module communication.

Actually the 2006 reference is incorrect. Many post 2006 Dodge/Chrysler vehicles (non-CAN bus access) still use the DRBIII tool.

Newer generation CAN bus vehicles respond to the StarScan, Wi-Tech or StarMobile tool. I know that the 2007 Sprinters can use those tools. I don't believe later model Sprinters than 2007 do. (Where is Jon Caples when you need him??)

These are all the Same Picture of an Engine on the Dash Warning Light

Names are interchangeable: MIL Malfunction Indicator Light, CEL Check Engine Light, ECU Engine Control Unit as in this page from the manual. (common name used across the pond)

00001 MILmanual.jpg

00002 001AcronymsAbbreviationsFuelwNotes.jpg

Some other acronyms you'll likely run into.

00003 150OBD.jpg

00004 001AcronymsAbbreviationsWnotes.jpg

CAB = Controller Anti-lock Brake (Commonly referred to as ABS unit.)

00005 002CrossRefChartSmWnotes (1).jpg

Edit: It has been reported that a Mercedes Benz dealership may also call the main engine computer the CDI module Common rail Direct Injection. DFI is Digital Fuel Injection.

More here:

ASSYST Active Service System (MB maintenance monitor)
FB #1 = Fuse Box #1 under the steering column.
FB #2 = under driver seat.
FB #3 = Who knows? Possibly included in FB #2?

ABS – Anti-Lock Brake System aka CAB aka HCU
ABRS – Air Bag Restraint System
AIS – Air Injection System
ALB - Anti Locking Brakes - Mercedes = mechanical proportional braking unit Dodge = Automatic Load-dependent Brake?
Alt. – Alternator
AH (Amp Hour) total amount of energy (eg. 1 amp flowing for an hour = 1 AH)
A/T – Automatic Transmission
ATC – Automatic Temperature Control
atm - atmosphere (pressure) (one atm = 14.696 psi)
ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid
AWD – All Wheel Drive
AXOD – Automatic Transaxle Overdrive
B+ – Battery Positive Voltage
bar - (from "barometer") (pressure) ( one bar = 14.5 psi)
BCM – Body Control Module
BHP – Brake Horsepower
BOO – Brake On-Off Switch
BTU – British Thermal Unit
CAB - Contoller Anti-lock Brake aka ABS aka HCU
CAT – Catalytic Converter
CCC – Computer Command Control
CDI – Capacitor Discharge Ignition
CEL - Check Engine Light (aka MIL or ECU)

CDI = Common [Rail] Direct Injection?
CIDI = Compression-ignition, Direct-Injection
CIDI begs the question. Is CDI a shortened version of "Compression-ignition" and not "Common-rail"?

CRD - Common Rail Diesel (Jeep Liberty)
CTS – Coolant Temperature Sensor

D+ - Circuit that is powered when engine is running
DAD - Doktor A Diagnosis (High(er) capability K-line scan tool)
DARF (Doktor A Rsn Fix)
DEFI – Digital Electronic Fuel Injection
DFI – Digital Fuel Injection
DIC – Driver Information Center
DIS – Distributorless Ignition System
Distronic cruise control - A VS30 auto distance maintaining cruise control
Dis-tronic cruise control - An elec-tronic cruise control that mocks you every time it is enabled
DLC – Data Link Connector
DTC - Diagnostic Trouble Code
Eberspacher aka Espar - OEM diesel fired engine heater. Mounted under the T1N battery.
ECM - Engine Control Module aka Electronic Control Module
ECT – Engine Coolant Temperature
ECU - Electronic Control Unit aka Engine Control Unit
EDC = Electronic Diesel Control
EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection
EI – Electronic Ignition
EVIC- Electronic Vehicle Information Center
FI – Fuel Injection
FLS – Fluid Level Sensor
FWD – Front-Wheel Drive
GDI – Gasoline Direct Injection
GPM – Grams Per Mile
GPS – Global Positioning System
GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight
HC – Hydrocarbons
HCU - Hydraulic Control Unit aka ABS aka CAB
H/D – Heavy Duty
HLDT – Headlight
hp – Horsepower
HP – High Performance
Hz – Hertz(Cycles Per Second)
IAT - Intake Air Temperature (measured after turbo and intercooler)
IFI – Indirect Fuel Injection
Inj. – Injector
IP – Instrument Panel
IC - Instrument Cluster
IC - Integrated Circuit
KAPWR – Keep Alive Power
KM/H – Kilometers Per Hour
kV – Kilovolt
kPa - kilo Pascals (pressure) ( 1 kPa = 0.145 psi )( 15 psi = 103.4 kPa )(one psi = 6.895 kPa)
LCD – Liquid Crystal Display
L/D – Light Duty
LED – Light Emitting Diode
LHM - Limp Home Mode (Reduced Power Mode)
LWB - Long Wheel-Base
mA - Milliamps
MAF - Mass Air Flow
MAP - Manifold Air Pressure
MFI - Multiport Fuel Injection
MFS - Mulit Function Switch (Wiper, turn-signal, headlight stalks)
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Light
MPI – Multi-Point (Fuel) Injection
MPPT - maximum power point tracking
MPV – Multi-Purpose Vehicle
MSW - Modified Sine Wave
mV – Millivolts
NOX – Oxides of Nitrogen
O2S – Oxygen Sensor
OBD – On-board Diagnostics
OCI - Oil Change Interval
OD – Overdrive
OE – Original Equipment
OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer
O/S – Oversize
OS – Oxygen Sensor
P/B - Power Bakes
P/N – Part Number
PA – Pressure Air
PAS – Power-Assisted Steering
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
PGM-FI – Programmed Fuel Injection
PNP – Park Neutral Position Switch
P/N – Park/Neutral
PPM – Parts Per Million
PRNDL – Park Reverse Neutral Drive Low
P/S – Power Steering
PSI – Pounds Per Square Inch
PSP – Power Steering Pressure
PTC – Pending Trouble Code
PTO – Power Take-Off
PWR – Power to Weight Ratio (sometimes PWR = Power)
PWM - Pulse Width Modulated
R&R - Remove and Re-install
R/A - Resume or Accelerate
RABS - Rear Anti-lock Brake System
RAC – Remote Accessory Controller
RAM – Remote Anti-theft Module
RAV – Remote Activation Verification
RCC – Rear Climate Control
RCC – Remote Climate Control
RCDLR – Remote Control Door Lock Receiver
RDCM – Right Door Control Module
RDM – Rear Door Module
RDS - Radio Display System
RECAL – Recalibration
RECIRC - Recirculation
RECIS – Remote Entry Control and Immobilizer System
RESC - Remote Emergency Satellite Unit
REX – Rear Exchanger
RF – Radio Frequency
RF – Right Front
RFA – Remote Function Actuator
RFI - Radio Frequency Interference
RFWS – Right Front Wheel Speed
RIM - Radio Interface Module
RIM – Rear Integration Module
RKE – Remote Keyless Entry
Rly – Relay
RM - Relay Module
RMD - Right Mid Door
RPA – Rear Parking Assist
RPM – Remote Power Module
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute
RPO – Regular Production Option
R & R – Remove and Replace
RR – Right Rear
RRD – Right Rear Door
RSA – Rear Seat Audio
RSC – Roll Stability Control
RSN - Rumble Strip Noise (Re. Sprinter = Transmission vibration at specific RPM's. Not fatal.)
RSS – Reverse Sensing System
RSS – Road Sensing Suspension
R/T – Road/Track
RV – Recreational Vehicle
RVAC – Rear Video/Audi/HVAC Module
RWAL – Rear Wheel Anti-lock
RWD – Rear Wheel Drive
RWS – Rear Wheel Steer
SC – Supercharged
SDS - Star Diagnosis System (MB proprietary or pirate)
SEFI – Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection
SES – Service Engine Soon
SFI – Sequential Fuel Injection
SIL – Shift Indicator Light
SIR – Supplemental Inflatable Restraint
SIPS – Side Impact Protection System
SOB = SurlyOldBill
SPFI - Sequential Port Fuel Injection
SRI – Service Reminder Indicator
SRS – Secondary Restraint System aka Safety Restraint System
SS – Speed Sensor
Sw. – Switch
SWB – Short Wheel-Base
TACH – Tachometer
TB – Throttle Body
TC - Torque Converter
TC- Turbocharged
TD – Turbo Diesel
TDI – Turbo Direct Injection
TPI – Tuned Port Injection
TR - Turbo Resonator
TCM - Transmission Control Module
V – Valve
VAC or Vac - Volts, alternating current (such as household wall outlets)
Vac. – Vacuum
VAPS – Variable Assist Power Steering
VIN - Vehicle Identification Number
VOM – Volt-Ohmmeter aka Volt Ohm Multimeter
VSS - Vehicle Speed Sensor

W (Watt) Power (volt x amp) (also volt*volt/resistance)(also amp*amp*resistance)

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Re: DRBIII, DAD and some other acronyms which may come up

A few suggested add-ins:

D+ Circuit that is powered when engine is running

In converter/inverter/charger/solar discussions:
VAC or Vac Volts, alternating current (such as household wall outlets)
VDC or Vdc Volts, direct current (such as battery voltage)

Amp Amount of electrical current flow
AH (Amp Hour) total amount of energy (an amp flowing for an hour)
W (Watt) Power (volt * amp) (also volt*volt/resistance)(also amp*amp*resistance)

MSW Modified Sine Wave
PSW Pure Sine Wave
PWM Pulse Width Modulated
MPPT maximum power point tracking

Sprinter engine:
IAT Intake Air Temperature (measured after turbo and intercooler)
MAF Mass Air Flow

Found in service manual instructions:
ft-lb Foot-pound (torque measurement: a pound of pressure applied at the end of a one-foot-long lever)
in-lb Inch-pound (smaller units torque measurement)( one ft-lb = 12 in-lb)
N-m Newton-meter (torque measurement) ( one N-m = 0.737 ft-lb = 8.85 in-lb)

kPa kilo Pascals (pressure) ( 1 kPa = 0.145 psi )( 15 psi = 103.4 kPa )(one psi = 6.895 kPa)

bar bar (from "barometer") (pressure) ( one bar = 14.5 psi)
atm atmosphere (pressure) (one atm = 14.696 psi)

(the "D+" shows on your earlier scanned list as "Terminal D+", but that's not where you'd look for it alphabetically)

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