Parking brake light stays on


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I recently bought Dodge (Mercedes) Sprinter 3500. Gulfstream vista mini cruiser. Had it one week drove 1000 +or- miles when parking brake warning light and annoying beeping came on. The parking brake is not engaged and does not behave abnormal. I took it to a local Foreign car shop, specializing in European vehicles. They used the OBD everything important checked okay. However, They have 4 electrical circuits that they can't close. They also can't figure how to turn the brake light off. Any suggestions for my mechanic?

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Hi Peter,

Sorry but I can't help you directly but as your problem seems more Sprinter specific than Gulfstream you may be better re-posting in the 'Sprinter Talk' section.

PS What year is your Sprinter chassis?



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While I do not own a NVC3 and you posted the same question in 2 different sub-forum, and I provide one set of suggestions there: (, for RV's there is another possible explanation. On T1Ns, the rotating driver's seat requires that the parking break handle be either reset or modified such that the handle does not inhibit the seat's rotating range of motion. Those modifications may have slipped a bit. See discussion here, including my mods to get an idea where things might have gone wrong:


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Thank you for responding. I am new to the forum and the terminology (NV1 T1n etc.) I do not have a swivel seat. I have had 2 mechanics review the possible issues. Both say the fault may be with Gulfstream rewiring MB Sprinter so to speak. OBD reveal "Open circuits in wiring of side marker lamps 901C right taillamp 9023, rear foglight 902B. 9094 reports N10 (Sam Control unit) Ground points: open circuit. I have replaced the right rear lamps. all lamps seem to work fine even with open circuit.

I posted in two areas because of it being a Gulfstream and a Sprinter.


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Okay thank you all for any and all input to my problem. ITS FIXED!! As I said in first post, I've only had it for a week. (Back story) I bought it in Washington on consignment from a dealer. They provided little operating instructions. BTW it is a gulfstream on a sprinter chassis with MB 3500 power plant. It has a slide out. Before the slide out works you have to set the parking brake. I woke up at 3 am with an epiphany. If the slide out is not fully secured in its pre slide position, the SAM module assumes the parking brake is still engaged thus giving me the warning. Using OBD it showed there was an open circuit. I got up this morning went outside opened and fully closed the slide out and wonderful news. No more warning light. I hope if anyone else has this problem my experience will help them.

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