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I am wondering how a V6 will perform in this large van if converted to a camper or even for delivery use. The cylinders would have to be the size of 2lb coffee cans to do the job! After all, Sportsmobile is using the 6.0 liter Vortec V8 for the GM/Chevy and 5.4 liter Triton V8 for the Ford vans that they convert. However, I am sure some old timers (and I am almost there) remember when straight sixes powered some pretty heavy vehicles.
Part one don't worry about the diesel fumes with ULSD at worst standing at idle it may smell like turps nothing more, after 800 rpm the particle filters disipate the fumes no smoke what so ever ( Honest I would not lie:lol: )
The new V6 is awesome in pickup and torque, it's the same as stepping out from a six cylinder to a v8 yet still delivers between 26-30 miles to the gallon ands no oil changes for 30 thousand k's about 16 thousand miles, being nearly and old timer then you'd remember oil changes were every one thousand miles come hail or shine had your head under the hood every Sunday polishing the dipstick ;) only to discover some one put the oil back on the Monday morning:D
The new Sprinters are rated 5tonn that's so far above the current Sprinter so it's not a problem your choise of engines may be limited, depending on what DCX decides America should have, Aussie saying " Bugger" that's not on. but that's the way the cookie crumbles.
pS the new V6 is mostly of alloy construction but it is not a small motor in size, the mother hauls.

Just for the fun of it a little Mercedes propaganda
Propaganda - Mercedes - C-Class Diesel - Google Video
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V6 Engine
will run full specs for 2007 next week keep an eye out in the forum
models and lengths and height
Engine and capacity both 5 inline and v6
all options for in-side and out camera navagation magic lighting electric opening and closing doors the list is like a never ending story.
Mind you I still like the older style


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Hello Richard -

Thanks for all the info you have been posting!

As you may have heard from others, Daimler Chrysler appears to be only selling the gasoline V6 engine in the US on initial introduction of the 2007 type Sprinter. Apparently largely due to not submitting things for certification early enough to the proper authorities but stringent diesel emissions requirements and a desire to capture the loyal US gasoline van market may also play a role.

A couple of questions:

- Does Australia use Imperial Gallons or ?

- What are the mileages, and torques listed for all of the different 2007 type Sprinter engines available in Australia?

- How many 2007 Sprinters are on the road in Australia (roughly) and are people getting close to the predicted mileages in them?

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Hello Zak
If you can bare with me for the best part of next week I'll run it all up on everything I have just recently got back from the Middle East as a mediator with the United nations
Sort of a coincidence but I was dealing with the EPA on emissions in the U.S. through the Eurpoean Justice commision problems with how the U.S was configuring Euro 4 but altering it to save grace on the U.S manufacturing of local vehicles , re class at the moment I'll just leave it untill I PM you lattter on this week coming as it's just hit mid-nite Sunday Local AEST
What I can say is the Diesel both the inline 5 and the new v6 do meet EPA emissions for all so states in the U.S and Canada for 2007 The Sprinter is what is called the orpahan year as to the particle filter exhaust system that has been put on the model for the year 2006-2007 2008 has to run Bluetec and that's where the problem lies it's political so please there is no offence meant I'm not anti-American to the folk on your side of the pond, but I will be honest I am with politics and Companies with collusion to collude Oil companies won't play on a leval playing feild claiming poor or restricted enviromental grounds for development
Fuel in the U.S in both Gas and Diesel are not up to grade major fuel companies are still on exemptions untill 2008 2009 to bring refineries up to grade, the Ron ratings for gas are out of sinc with world standards, Diesel is supossed to be 15ppm but is still running at 22 ppm on exemption this effects the emission rateings for the new mercedes /Dodge and many other makes the VW Jetta has one year to go 2007 and that's the end of the model it can not make the EPA standard on a old engine desinged in the nineties
There is a cross link between DCX one the bluetec model engine or the Sun Diesel concept engine desinged to run on any bio type fuel but they use a differntehaust system the latter is designed to burn off excess fuel inside the engine which reduces horsepower and performance etc, the blue tec system is a unit desinged to wet down the remaing particles inside of the exhaust proir to entering the main particle trap at the rear exhaust, the conflict with this is how can it be distributed throughout the N/Americain sector mail it overnight, to the customers? it seams the fuel distributors are the one to manufacture it,! No any chemicial company can make the golden drop , but try and get distribution rights through the outlets that sell fuel , there is a lot rideing on this at the moment at the highest govenment level , so give me alittle time to sort it out before I start to print.
If for example, think about the problems with vibration on the Sprinters transmission failure torque convertors and blown turbos it's unique to the Americain side only as very few sprinters have this problem else where Australia has a lot of them mostly manual a few autos it's very rare to blow them out FUEL and oil has a lot to do with this.
Australia sells fuel by the lire same as Canada we are a metric country have been since Feb 1966
The sprinters down under or at least mine run 26 miles to the gallon fully loaded with three tons around urban areas on a midland run Hobart to Launceston to the gallon but we do not exceed 65mph speed limited , not the vehicle that is it's the top limit for driveing at , if we are caught speeding there is a three point deduction from your licence of twelve points over three years and a AU $120 00 dollar fine 12 points over three years won't last long if you speed, getting a permit for lossing your licence is almost impossiable to get, unless you are caught on a DUI charge funny isn't it ? It's not OK to speed, but you get a second or third chance for being drunk :thumbdown:
All Major refinery's , Shell , BP Caltex same as Texaco, Mobil have totaly up todate refinery's for producing ULSD Fuel between them they spent over 500 millon dollars but were forced by the Australian govenment to do it Caltex or mobil can't remember which at this time of the night had an extension untill late this year to comply or shut down operations, I think they out sourced it to another supplier to overcome the problem.
Soth Austarlia and tasmania have ULSD down to 10ppm well in advance of the 2009 2010 Emission Euro 5 mandates.
Ps if any spelling mistakes , sorry I'm just tired a bit:D

Zach Woods

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Hello Richard -

No worries on upsetting me re: protectionist US policies!

I have long been trying to make folks aware of the Chicken Tax and it's effects (long time VW Type II enthusiast). This is why passenger Sprinters are imported fully assembled but cargo Sprinters need to be assembled here in the US in order to be sold here.

The US is certainly limiting it's competitive capabilities on a world market with this kind of protectionist foolishness let alone delivering inferior products to US market!

Check out http://www.sprinter-source.com/forum/showthread.php?p=1261#post1261 for a link to an interesting discussion of these sorts of issues.

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HI Zak
Looks like we will have a fantastic forum had a real quick look on the link Ford Transits , they are here in Australia now the VW Crafter is not as of yet had delivery of units! They have been restricted by Damlier, they are the same but have a real mean front end change, would suite the U.S market for it's aggresive look has the late fourties jail bar look of Ford
VW type 11 can't think of the range with the exception of the sixties fastback fill me in on that one
Just a quick one, with the U.S economics! Where did you think it went wrong
One start period circa?
two mid-life
three demise
Where does the fault lie! Synergies of Managemnet..or Govenment failure for long term growth of it's wealth to economics
Australia has the identicial problem you would be surprised how simular we are in alignment the only difference is we have a small population
Canada your next door neighbour has the same problems as well
Some where along the line each of our countries lost the dream to long term prosperity.
Lifes one big Roller Coaster

Zach Woods

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Hi Richard -

Big questions with long / many answers. Big enough to build an entire career on!

Probably not quite the right forum for this discussion . . .

Send me a PM if you want to discuss this further.

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Thanks Zak
At two.40AM Tuesday morn I'm still hard at it seems theres no rest for the wicked:D


2008 3500 170"ext. 3.0 V6 OM642.993
Re: Welcome to tech support!

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Good Luck!

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