2006 sprinter srs ,abs , and tire light on also i can move anywhere


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Default Sprinter 2006 srs abs and tire light on
Hello. Can anybody tell me if this srs abs and tires light are big problem? Please
Trying to buy car from dealer when i told him to change light bulbs on right side and top light on the rear side of car all light srs abs and tire light came on and was not even move. I try to move to -D+ position gears was stuck nothing . What that can be 10amper fuse? Can be tranmission bad truck have 121788 miles. Please somebody help me Thank you


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I experienced a similar issue the other week when I replaced a brake and turn signal bulb.

Searching the forum you'll find similar issues when changing out bulbs that are non oem. In my case I had dirty contacts / dusty lamp assembly which I cleaned with sand paper and a generous portion of electronic cleaner spray. I suspect the cause of my issue was due to increase impedance in the wiring which was upsetting the sprinter.

If you remove the bulbs that were recently installed I would suspect your problems to go away.

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