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Just bought my first sprinter with 530k miles on the odometer, got it for quite a bargain so i am gambling to see if i can get a few years of occasional bi-monthly use out of it before something major has it on the back of a tow-truck. Starts up immediately, doesnt smoke, lots of power. It concerns me to see a timing-chain under the valve cover, and the transmission shudders a bit going from 1st to 2nd under heavy throttle. I'll be changing out the transmission filter, fluids, checking for leaks and rust, greasing anything that needs it, but this is just basic care.

Is there anything engine-wise I should be paying special attention to, given the mileage? I'm not sure if i can get an honest understanding of the timing chain and tensioner health without tearing the front end of the car and half the motor apart. given i can find a running used motor for this with half the miles for $2k plus shipping, im not sure if the effort is worth it. I would have assumed the turbo and injectors need replacing at this mileage, but i see no oil smoke, no white smoke, and have lots of power and excellent mpg.

On my previous vehicle, around 300k miles, i had to get a shop to pull the axle apart and change out the axle seals, and shim the bearings to keep everything in-line. Not sure if i should have the mechanic pull the axle apart as well just for fun, but will do as much research as I can.

Thanks for any suggestions on things to check over or look out for, ive got some time before any big road adventures but would hate to try and find a good mechanic competent and willing to work on this, while travelling.


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T1N are rusting under door sill.I do change engine oil and filter. Air filter, cabin and engine.Make sure all fluids (special transm.) is MB approved very important.All information are here on the forum.Check for any stored codes.Good luck and many happy miles.

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