2003 Glow Plug Light?


2003 Dodge Sprinter Passenger Model SHR 140" with about 56K miles.
Sorry, if this has been covered. Did Search but, not able get "search" working well for me and when did work didn't quite find what my van is doing.

Today, out crank van, all warning light on/off as normal.
**Glow Plug Light on and went off as normal.
Drove about 5 miles stopped at bank Drive-thru so killed engine.
When cranked did so as normal all warning light on/off, as normal.
***As pulling away from stall saw faint glow to Glow Plug Light. Watched it for about 2 or 3 minutes and it went off completely and stayed off.
Never got to normal 180 operating temp.

Parked at store and after killed it re-cranked van. All warning lights came on/off as normal.

Through shopping back out cranked van and same normal cranking with lights on/off.
***As driving away Glow Plug Light back on very dim as before and stayed on all way home.
**Note never reached operating temp of 180.

I have no access to Sprinter code reader.
No Sprinter Mechanic in area.
Dealership we bought it from is about 90 miles away and has no Sprinter Mechanic for years now but still does oil and fuel filter changes.
Dodge dealer in town here, will they be able to diagnosis?
Is this something a Diesel Mechanic could diagnosis, like at local Dodge/Ram Dealership?

"Thank you!" for any information and/or advice.


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Stop at any normal auto parts store and get a "free" OBD readout.

That may reveal a code (do NOT allow them to clear it ... leave it in the ECU in case a "real dealer" needs to access it).

You could have a sticking glow plug relay or other issue with the glow plug controller.
(there's an update part which removes many Glow Plug Module faults)
One of the glow plugs could be failing.

None of those issues should be affecting the coolant temperature (in the summer).

You can download the 2003 service manuals from http://aie-services-2.net/Sprinter/
The "powertrain" manual includes the P-codes that you might see on the OBD reader, so it may narrow it down to the controller or a specific plug.



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Also be aware that the wiring harness can fray on the steel brake lines near the fuel filter, and short out the GP wire. This happened on the #3 wire on my van. Inspect, cut open harness and bypass the frayed section if needed. Add extra tape or something to keep it from fraying again.


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And depending on where you live, you don't need glowplugs to be able to start the engine. I was able to start, with multiple attempts, at about 12 degrees with only 3 working glowplugs.


"Thank you!" both for replies!
We live in Oklahoma and summer so no need for cold start for few months.
I bought up I never got up ro operation temp of 180 cause noticed some of posts I found that was addressed and when do drive, as you might notice by miles on van we don't go far.
Only long drive is doctor appointments in city, I'm in wound clinic for next few weeks dealing with diabetic ulcer. We need be able go city, about 35 miles one way couple times a week.
Hoping this Glow Plug Light coming on after start up will not be big deal til have time to get healed and then address getting van fixed before winter.
I'll call around tommorrow about getting codes read if no luck guess check with local Dodge?Ram Dealership, I know they do their diesel pickup service in house.

Sounds like by your replies it hopefully should not cause problem with our summer heat. And will give me a while to get it looked at.
Worried about down time right now due to appointments. Since none of dealerships have any loaner vehicles for powerchair users.
Wheelchair lift van rentals from lift shop is very expensive.
And only public transport for doctor appointments in our rural area is $45/trip with a week advance scheduling.
Again, "Thank you!"

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