3500 15inch wheels...what tires can i even get? Should i get 16inch wheels?


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I have a dilemma. Ive owned my 2003 3500 for a 2 years and love her but need to get tires on her now and seemingly i can only get the Continental Vanco for my 15 inch wheel. Im looking at $185 a piece for 6 of them. I DO NOT LIKE that there is only one tire available for these wheels so im wondering if i should get 16inch wheels...that would give me more options and hopefully cheaper? At this point i dont know what im getting into by doing that but i feel like if im going to do it i should do it now. Anyone in the same situation?


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There have been many threads about this over the past 11 years.
(a) yes, you can do it.
(b) most people who do it do NOT install the 1-inch "lift kit" that MB puts on 16" 2500's.
(c) many people discuss/describe cutting the mud flaps and some in-the-wheel-well sheet metal to clear the (lacking the lift kit) bigger tires.

... i still have 15" tires (but found some pulls from VW Crafter (Sprinter-body) as a 2nd choice).

Use the Search function to find the old posts...

--dick (who'll get there someday... $185 is better than the original Cargo Vectors)


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It's a 3500, so the simple fix is to buy a set (7) of the later NCV3 RV take off wheels....usually $45-50$ per wheel and then
buy a set of the later extended/captive washer lug nuts (24 ea).
Euro Campers.com usually has good pricing on the wheels, but they do not show them in stock right now.
Saw some of EBay in the same price range.
EuroParts SD and EuroCampers have the later lug nuts for good pricing.
In order to keep the odometer reasonably accurate, a set (7) of LT 225-75 R16 tires Michelin Defender LTX M/S would be
my choice.
I did this exact swap way back when and it improved the traction on my 2006 T1N significantly.
Hope this helps,

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