Should I be concerned about these little rust spots?


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Hey Sprinter Source! This is my first post here in the community as I am not yet a sprinter owner, but I plan to be one very soon. I found a used 06' Sprinter Passenger van with the 140" wheelbase. It appears to be meticulously maintained. The dealer who has the van just sent me some images of what appears to be some rust on the undercarriage. I am incredibly excited to get into a van, but I don't want to make a bad call. Should I avoid this one, and continue to wait until i find the right van?

the photos are in a zip file that i uploaded to dropbox.

Thanks for looking, and for any advice you might offer me. I appreciate it!!!
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Don't know where you are in the world? In the great white north Sprinters die of body rot. From my huge sample of ONE 04 118 short passenger, the (unit body) frame, seems like it will hold up well past the body's use by date so I am not concerned structurally. If you live below the rust belt your sprinter should survive many years. My rear door window frames are shot I've been pumping in commercial window caulk for two years now. Drivers door has holes in the bottom, even after at least three rounds of touch ups, the body is about to the "gaping rust holes" stage. I am getting to rear doors hinge integrity worries. A pity 'cause the drivetrain seems great at 150 K
Guess my advice is to look for body "bondo repairs" run don't walk if the body's going.
doors, rear door hinges, side door rear latch area, windows, especially rear door, and windshield frames, lower body panels are prime rust areas.

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