Hood gas strut?


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Hood Gas Spring or Bonnet Gas Strut

I have done some searches and found nothing so far.

I am some one with bad arthritis.

I am hoping that some one has info on a DIY to install a hood (bonnet) gas stay (strut) or spring on a (906) 2008 Sprinter. If some one has worked out how strong and where to put the gas stay. And any designs that they are willing to share. This would make me very happy.

Thank you


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Re: Peter clemesha

Has anyone ever found a way to install gas struts on their Sprinter. I too have severe arthritis and need this for my 2007.


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Such an install is NOT practical using the existing location tabs.
The upper one being flimsily attached to the hood reinforcing rib would not to properly locate the gas strut in the long term and surely result in damage the hood

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