Head lights turn OFF & ON with turn signal lever??


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I have a 2006 Dodge 2500 Sprinter 400,000 miles! My question is when I turn on head lights there fine till I turn on the right turn signal they go OFF then back on when I turn on the left turn signal. This only happens with Low beam on high beam works fine. Where do I start checking wiring??? This Sprinter has Been the best work van I have ever had the pleasure to spend so much windshield time with, we truly have had gotten to know each other really well. This is got me stumped.
Thanks for all you guys do here, I would not have gotten this far with out all of your here and what a great education this site has for us working people


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That's how mine went; I'd indicate RIGHT TURN and my headlights would go off. Easy replacement, and fairly inexpensive part.


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Would this be the same reason my intermittent wipers don't work sometimes?
If I use the turn signal they come back on, or I slap the top of the steering column.


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I just finished replacing my MFS. You can get the Dodge part 5103745AA for $67 on Amazon. The install is pretty easy. Similar headlight gremlin issue that I had - wrote a thread about it.


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