hi i have a shop we work on alot Sprinters we have this 2014 2.1L for one of my accounts it got towed in he picked up bad diesel so clogged the filter and fuel pump so i replaced the fuel pump assembly fuel filter blew out all the fuel lines primed the system with Fresh Diesel activated the fuel pump with the XENTRY it ran for 1 hour idling then stopped check fuel filter and fuel pump again there clean now it just cranks no start and i have no dtcs i checked for injector pulse and nothing also check injector activity with the XENTRY SHOWED all injectors to be dead i checked resistance in the harness and came out fine according to the specs in the Xentry so as of right now i am lost and checked everything i could think of i even reset all adaptations for everything on the truck still no start but if i spray starting fluid itll start for a few seconds ... please if some on can help or guide me i would greatly appreciate it


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I am not familiar with your diagnostic system but if appears to show abnormal readings in red. So on the last screen shot it shows fuel pump as off, is that a clue. Eric.


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I would suggest that your injector(s) are stuck open!
Consequently engine compression is being pumped up through the injector(s) aerating the rail and the fuel simply flowing out through the leak off system!

To prove that remove the injector pipes , command the lift pump off and then crank!
If any injector is stuck open you will get air and fuel expulsion out of the injector pipe ports of each affected injector.


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Did you check for metal particles in the fuel system? If metal particles are present per mercedes the entire fuel system is to be replaced, low pressure pump, lines, injectors, high pressure pump, and both rails I believe. Just had to do this on a van a few weeks ago. The actual document is for if gasoline is put into the fuel tank but if there's metal in the fuel system, there's metal in the fuel system.


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No rail pressure. Injectors won't pulse until rail pressure goes over 120. Leaking injector, regulator, or worst case injection pump.
I would start with an injectors leak quantity test.


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What was the fuel contamination? Other components besides fuel system parts can be affected if it ran on the contaminates long enough to clog the filter

Your injectors are wide open like Dennis said. Leak down test would prove it but you probably don't have the test vials to perform the test.

Another way to test: crack loose an injector line. Have someone crank the engine. Close the line when fuel exits and air is bled. It should fire up but that only proves you have a stuck open injector. Replace it all. Injectors, high pressure pump, all metal lines, injector bleed line, fuel filter, and the fuel rail( also fuel tank and delivery pump, but you have gone that far). The high pressure pump is not fun on the 651. The EGR assembly must be removed. I would take to dealer to have completed to factory spec's and maintain warranty status.

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Cracking loose a high pressure line is a grave danger!!

Let me suggest: where safety glasses, thick gloves, and stand back. The pressure will build up to 200+bar after the line is tightened. With the line slightly cracked it will not build the high pressures. Use extreme caution

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