changed injector, now it's behaving oddly


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Hello again everyone!

First I'd like to apologize, I wasn't sure where I'm meant to post such things so I've posted in two sub forums. If this has annoyed any moderators please delete the wrong thread or tell me and I'll delete the one in the wrong place.

Anyway on to the problem, so I'll try to bullet point this in brief and see if anyone has any ideas

1)did leak off test, no.4 injector massively failed

2)replaced injector

3)redid leak off test, passed with flying colours

4) started van, started quick (YAY!)

5)runs lovely and quietly for about 10 seconds then starts to sound a bit rough!

to be more specific it sounds a bit knocky, but doesn't when it first starts, I'm at a loss as to why.

I've also noticed that before I changed the injector when the van was stopped with the handbrake on it would only rev to 3000rpm but would rev all the way up when I was driving, now it will rev all the way up when it's sitting there with it's handbrake on, which is new.:idunno:

any thoughts and suggestions would be great, as I'm a bit concerned at the moment.

many thanks


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Hi, thankyou for replying! I got the injector as a recon unit from eurocarparts. It's actually funny you should ask that, having spent yesterday evening spending far to long listening to her running, I'm sure I noticed an irregular clicking sound which, whilst not as pronounced, sounds similar to the clicking of the failed injector, which was one of the symptoms, along with a massive vibration on tick over which had developed, that made me do a leak off test in the first place.

But! the new injector is passing the leak off test and has just as little run off as the other 4 injectors, which is why I'm now stumped.

oh the new injector didn't need classifying if that's of any importance.


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maybe I should also update this information as I've been driving her around all day and even with a full load and she's not missed a beat, somewhat rough but other than that it's been fine and there's no more horrible vibration when I'm sitting in traffic so that's a bonus

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