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I have a 2007 Gulf Stream RV built on a 2006 Mercedes Sprinter chasis. I bought it new but the dealer seems clueless regarding details of the vehicle. There is a box or more to say a bracket secured to the floor behind the driver's seat with a nylon buckled strap, as if something should be secured to it. I haven't been able to find out what belongs there. Any ideas? When I bought the MH it didn't have a spare tire; dealer said it didn't come with one. However; it had a bracket behind the rear axle and I added the tire. But what about the box?


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What I've heard is it's the second fire extinguisher location. The other one being on driver's side step.


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That's where my Fire extinguisher was mounted.....


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In our 2005, there was a fire extinguisher clip on the door-side of the driver's seat pedestal,
and the box behind the seat was designated as where a set of emergency warning reflective triangles were to be stored.
(the triangles themselves were an option in Europe)



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Mine came with a plastic box containing three reflective triangles strapped in that location. The fire extinguisher was in the step well of the driver's side attached to the seat pedestal.



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Hi James,
Since Sprinters (even those with MH bodies) all started life as delivery vans or cab/chassis, they are set up to conform to ICC (Interstate Commerce Commision) requirements for commercial delivery vans.
Yours started out as a cab & chassis, which could have an RV body, or a box van body, flatbed, utility service body, placed on it by the outfitter at their plant (not the plant where Sprinters are assembled).
So, it needed to conform to the ICC Regs.
Since it was converted into a motorhome, the ICC regs really do not apply to your vehicle.
One of the requirements in the "ICC Package" is the 3 red reflective triangles in the red plastic box that fits perfectly in the brackets and under the strap behind the drivers seat.
My '06 T1N 3500 SHC (158" WB) was originally built for commercial delivery service for one of the major office supply companies.
They decided they didn't want to get into that business in some areas, so I got my van with 200 original miles on it, all outfitted as an "around town" freighter.
It came with the fire extinguisher in the rear of the LH foot well (just inside the drivers door) and the red plastic box with the emergency triangles.
I'm sure you've seen an 18 wheeler broken down somewhere with the reflective red triangles out behind as warnings.
If you want to see the box and what's in it, send me an email and I'll take some photos of the box and triangles that came in my van.
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hi all,
fire extinguisher:wtf:, no its for large bottles of coke or water, its behind the drivers seat to stop the sun shining on it keeps it cool longer and can be reached easy enough when you want a drink.
thats what my ones life purpose is :D:


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Just an update on the brackets for the safety triangles behind the drivers seat.
Here's a link to the red plastic box with the 3 safety triangles that meets the ICC/FMCSA regulations.
The box that came in my '06 T1N 3500 SHC is mfg'd by Grote. The Part Number is Grote 71422.
Here's a link to the Safety Trangle Kit:

There's also a list on this link to the same kit from other manufacturers.
My guess would be they all fit in the same ICC/FMCSA specified brackets.

The kit is available from on sale for $31.93 currently.
Here's the link:

I also added some photos of the factory installation in my '06 T1N in the Sprinter-Forum Database.
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