How to remove the sofa bed from the Siesta 24SR


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I want to remove the sofa bed that goes in the side slide of the Siesta 24 SR and use the area for a stack of dog crates. I've looked under the sofa by opening the drawer underneath and see some large Phillips head screws that go down into a strip on the floor parallel to the arm rests and also see some other screws that go horizontally into some vertical slats that look like they are seated on the strip on the floor. I was expecting some bolts, but so far only see bolts to hold the seat belts.

Anyone have experience removing these sofas?




2015 Thor Siesta 24SR
Tim, remove the drawer and you will see the way the couch is mounted. (not very well). Couple of L brackets held in with small screws. There are release levers in the slides, one goes up and the other down. Once the couch is free, the next trick is getting it out the door.


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I have a 2014 SR. You can take out the couch seat by removing 2 bolts at the back of the seat, under the window and overhead cabinets. You will have to tilt, or fold down, the seat back in order to gain access to the bolts. To remove the seat, just take the front of the seat and tilt that up and slide towards yourself.

You will then have clear access to anything you might need that is contained within the couch.

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