Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool Question

I am having problems diagnosing my endless problems with the big white beast. I have a ICarSoft which leads me in the correct direction but still having diagnosing problems.
Is the Sprinter Ultimate Service CD Version 4.0 [2002-2006] for $50.00 or the Sprinter Ultimate Service Tool 5.0 [1995-2015] for $120.00 worth getting. I have downloaded the Service Manual 05 from this forum.
Is it worth the 50 bucks?
Is it worth the 120 bucks?


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The "service manual 05" is really for the 2003 model year. (check out the publication date revealed by Acrobat's "information" tab)

At http://aie-services-2.net/Sprinter/ is also the 2006 manual set, which is a lot closer to 2005 in many ways (and has updated wiring diagrams and locator maps). OM647 instead of OM612 engine, for (pardon the word) starters.
It also has the "diagnostic tree" manuals included in the zip file.

The message at this post: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/showpost.php?p=470716&postcount=13 has embedded the PDF versions of Vic's scans of MB training manuals... much deeper "how it should work" (and how it can fail) analysis. (got an oscilloscope?)


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