Using the FSM manual to match up diagrams with fuses

So I'm currently dealing with four separate DTCs:

2978-002 : Y27/13 (Exhaust gas recirculation cooling solenoid valve) - Short circuit to ground

2527-002 Y27/11 (Exhaust gas recirculation positioner) - Short circuit to ground

2526-004 Y77/1 (Boost pressure regulator) - Signal line is interrupted

2514-002 (Vent line heater element) - Short Circuit to Ground

I have the Dodge FSM. When I measure across the Vent Line Heater Element connector terminals, I get -3.5vdc when the ignition is ON, and -2.5vdc even with the key out of the vehicle. The connection between the activation signal and the ECM seems to be good.

All of these items are near each other on this diagram:

This leads me to guess that a fuse might be out. Somewhere. :)

How do I match these items up with their respective fuse locations using the FSM? I know there's a way, but I haven't spent enough time at Hogwarts to decode the arcana yet!

This happened a day after I replaced my defective positive Y cable with a good one. The new one is solid and passes the alternator+ to battery+ voltage drop test. Used to be 1.1v (!!!) and is now 0.07v.

How do I find which fuse?


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