A Great Brake Pad


About 30K miles ago I switched the front pads on my 2006, 2500 cargo to Raybestos Severe Duty. Virtually no dust & absolutely no noise! They still have half of the pads left. I got them for $34 a set from RockAuto.com because they were being discontinued & replaced with a new name : Raybestos Advanced.
These have been excellent pads with no rotor scoring.
The part # for the Bosch front & Ate/Teve rear is:
ADT1006M (rear) = $57.79
ATD949M (front) = $63.79
The shipping was only $7.99
Price includes the brake sensors

I couldn't find these cheaper anywhere else. Normally, I like to do my shopping at Europarts, but I can't stand the OEM brake pads.

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