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As I am trying to install a RV air-conditioner on the roof of my 170 pass van, I am faced with the challenges of cutting a hole, supporting the weight of the unit and running a power cord behind the walls.
Any help on peeling back the interior roof panel and wall panels would be appreciated.
Thank you, guys.
2015 Sprinter 170 passenger van.


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I have no preference as to which a/c to install. I was also wondering whether I could get away with just installing a Fantastic fan or Maxxum, and not bother with the a/c. Has anyone had any experiences with either of these units?
Thanks for the feedback.


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Not familiar maxxum but if you meant Maxair it is a good fan. If camping in hot humid weather though you will most likely want the ac unit. I don't recall a write up for just an AC install but I would think you would want some braces between the ribs for extra support. There is a headliner removal write-up but removal is fairly straight forward. Suggest getting an interior trim removal tool which is more or less a plastic pry bar and maybe some extra plastic fasteners because there will be a few that won't hold well on reinstall. Plenty of room to run wires when the headliner is removed. I don't have the part #'s for the fasteners and I am mobile so I can't search as easy. Maybe someone else will chime in or the search feature in the blue bar above is your friend.

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Yes, I meant Maxair.
Thanks for the help. Your reply has encouraged me to try to pry the headliner from the ceiling to install an interior ceiling brace. Then ditto for the sidewall panels .
I'll get some plastic plugs from MB before starting.:cheers:


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A fan is essential and a reasonably easy install and can be powered by the chassis battery but preferably a house battery system. The Maxxair 7500 is very popular. An RV style rooftop AC can be added also but a lot more work and requires a significant amount 120V power either by via shore connection, large inverter/batteries/separate alternator and/or a generator.

Our van has a vent in the forward position and we installed an Airxcel (same company makes the Maxxair vent) Mach 8 9200btu air conditioner towards the rear. Details in our build thread: https://sprinter-source.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27822

There are some threads on headliner removal.
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