Sprinter compact version rear mud flaps..help !


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Hello to everybody !
I am new on this forum and new user of Mercedes Sprinter too.
I will need a little help and advice from anyone who has the same problem and find a solution.
I want to fit the rear mud flaps on my Sprinter but ordered ones at Mercedes in Germany according my chassis number does not fit. My chassis number is :WDB9066111S748563 and part ordered was B66560783. You can see in the photo the big gap remaining between the body and the flap.
I will be gratefull for any halp.
Thank you.


PS. I can not attach photos !


They are for the wrong model, and those are for wrong model, see below photo which shows the extended metal lower sill.

Untitled by S STEEL, on Flickr

Did you manage to return those since your post and fit the correct flaps ok?

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