Flagstaff, Flagstaff, AZ (Dealership)


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MB of Flagstaff
525 North Switzer Canyon Drive
Flagstaff, AZ, 86001


Notes: It looks like Flagstaff should be added to the Sprinter Dealer/Service list for Arizona. Located in the middle of town just off of Route 66 on Switzer Canyon Drive. Arthur, their young Sprinter service specialist, impressed me with his knowledge and enthusiasm for his product.


I bought our '15 144 4x4 in PHX but have had all the service and minor warranty issues completed by Flagstaff MB. Service is great, parts dept is great, and overall I have been very happy with their dealership. Nice to have someone in town.


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5171 N. Test Dr
Flagstaff Az


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The parts department was fine...
I spoke with the service manager to discuss having an “A” service done.....he was argumentative and seemed very unfamiliar with what the service would/should consist of.

I just drove an extra 400 miles and went to a dealer I trust.

No surprise that they closed......brand new massive shiny building in a smallish town....it has to be hard to deal with that overhead in that market.


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Mind sharing location?
Hoehn in Carlsbad CA.
Been using them since 2014.
Greg Dickson is the SA.
We used to live near there, and just moved back.

Phoenix dealers would be closer to Flagstaff. No experience with any of them.


Flagstaff was a nice option to have between PHX and Albuquerque, when travelling the Four corners area but their service was sketchy. I would have only used them in an emergency.

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