Head rest for back seat remove


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We've had our Westy since new and lots of repairs have been piling up. I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again. This is such a fantastic source for Westy stuff, I don't know where we'd all be without. Our dealer where we bought it is clueless.
I'm trying to get the headrest off, it's clean since it's been covered since new but it's sagging on the isle side from us using it as a hand rest on our way to the back.
Dose anyone have any ideas on how to get this off? I'm praying it dose not mean taking apart the cabinet behind it.
Thanks for any help
Jim in Minneapolis


2004 T1N Westfalia
If I remember correctly, bolts are accessible from the rear by first removing black metal plates inside the metal drainpan area where the water/12 V shutoffs are, and in the top tiny compartment next to upper footstep.

No need to do any other disassembly. By the way, good thing to download the Airstream Parts Catalog and the Westfalia CD Repair/Service Manual. Provide more detail in conjunction with tips from posters on the forum.

That headrest is a poor design as the whole foam piece sags and tall people can hit their heads on the wood? backing of the headrest.

Please post whatever you find and do with that headrest. Thanks.

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