CRL t-vent windows


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I am looking to go CRL t- vent window on my Sprinter 144" NCV3. Because of my camper configuration, The driver side rear quarter panel window will be partially blacked out from the inside (due to an interior cabinet forward of the t- vent split). I am fine with this, we will just remove the forward knob and render the forward t-vent pane as fixed.
Problem is, I have not been able to find the window measurements on the web.

Is there a forum member that might be able to provide me with a measurement from there van?
Specifically, I need the horz. measurement from the rear wall/door forward to where the t-vent split is on the inside framework (and also the same measurement to the rearward knob that controls the rear t-vent pane. These dimensions will assist me in designing my floorplan so that the interior cabinet lines up with the break in the window pane. Can't seem to find this spec. anywhere on the web. Thanks in advance!
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