Sears Imported Autos, Minnetonka, MN, (Dealership)


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Sears Imported Autos
13500 Wayzata Blvd
Minnetonka, MN 55305



Information: We have been a Mercedes-Benz dealer for 50+ years. We have recently acquired the Sprinter and Metris franchise. We service and sell both Sprinter and Metris vans. We have master certified factory trained technicians.

Sears Imported Autos is pleased to announce we are now open for Sprinter and Metris service and sales. We can handle all of your service needs whether you drive a Mercedes Sprinter or Metris, Freightliner Sprinter, or Dodge Sprinter. We have factory trained technicians that specialize in Sprinters ready to work on your vehicle. We will beat any local competitors pricing! Call 952-512-6550 to schedule your Sprinter or Metris service appointment today! Visit us online at

***Mention that you heard about us here and get 10% off your first service visit!***
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Re: Minnesota - Twin Cities Sprinter Service and Sales

That's welcome news since I live in the Lake Minnetonka area and will need Sprinter service this month. :)


2015 Unity TB on 2014
I am impressed with the service received from Sears. We are enroute to the Canadian Maritime provinces . I was concerned about the rate of wear on the stock Contis with about 19K miles I had 3mm rubber above the wear bars on all tires. The wear was even and I had the rig aligned when new. I am not sanguine about tire replacement in the Maritimes so arranged to pass through Minneapolis on the way to the Superior north shore. I spoke with Josh in service and he seemed fully aware of the way to handle tire replacement on our Alcoas. He said that though they do not have the Sprinter alignment rig yet they plan to have it by October this year. They do have the balancing attachment and do know how to use it. I can report that the new Michelin LTX Defenders look great and so do the Alcoas. Balancing was fine with no shimmy or vibration up to 70MPH. SEARS honored the 10% discount noted in their post above.
There were several sprinter commercial vans on their lot as well as a 2014 Unity TB for service. They also had a PleasureWay RV sprinter there.


2015 144 4cyl high roof
Just had service A done here yesterday. I was very pleased with the service received and will definitely go back again. I asked about the DPF bracket cracks and they brought me out to look at it once it was lifted. They showed me the bracket and now I can keep an eye on it in the future.

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