Group One Motorwerks, Tucson AZ (Service)


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I've dropped off my T1N three times for service. I've been pleased with all their work. They seem to fully understand the underlying systems and reason out what needs to be done rather than just blindly replacing parts.


I was hoping to get our '15 serviced here but trying to get them to return a call is impossible. Guess I'll be heading to the dealer. Even stopped by to try to schedule and they said they would have to call me back...Never did.


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They replaced a transmission on our 2012 after the factory one grenaded itself. Excellent service, they worked with the selling dealer to ensure that the warranty claim was processed quickly.

I've since returned for other work and they have been extremely helpful.


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They’re awesome! We needed some work done on a road trip and they were quick and reasonable.

Their address has changed, though:

3412 N Dodge Blvd
Tucson, AZ 85716


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We came in to have a few things inspected this week and had a pretty good experience. They are certainly professionals - experts in Mercedes who are comfortable dealing with Sprinters. They have a special Sprinter bay with Sprinter-specific diagnostic equipment.

It's a luxury type place and we certainly don't seem to be their usual cliental (older van edged with some of Ontario's finest rust) but they still treated us well. Unfortunately for us, their prices matched the luxury experience. That said, they gave us some advice for future service that should save us money, which we appreciated.


07 Winn View 23J - 06 T1N
I try to do as much maintenance/repair as I can on my motorhome. I was on the road and when ever I stopped, I noticed a very small puddle of oil on driver side just a bit back from the front bumper. So I have on oil leak. No where to do the repairs myself, so went to GOM. They diagnosed a bad oil separator and said the driver side boost hose assembly would need to be replaced as well. They replaced both parts: parts and labor = $1,260.00
I also had them change the engine oil and filter which I provided. $126.00 for labor, ouch!
These guys are independents, but not less expensive than MB. Nice people, nice shop and a lift that could handle my 23.5' long Winnebago View. I would go here again in an emergency if I couldn't find another independent in Tucson to try. I avoid MB dealers.

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