2013 - 3500 ABS, ESP and ASR Dash Indicator Lights On Simultanously


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Does anyone know how to test the speed sensors? I ordered the iCarsoft MB II today - big thanks to Matt! - but wanted to do any "ruling out" until I get the scanner.


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Re: Replacing the Rear Wheel ABS Speed Sensor on a 2013-3500 - Tools and Procedure Re

Does anyone know what special tools and/or the sequence to remove and install a rear wheel ABS speed sensor on a 2013 3500? The bolt holding the sensor appears to have star like knurls. Is that indeed the bolt and if so, what tool do you need for that thing? Is it as simple as getting the right tool to remove that bolt, pulling out the speed sensor and replacing with the new? I understand it needs to be gapped to 0.015"?

How I got this far:
The iCarSoft came in yesterday and it indicates the right rear wheel speed sensor is the problem. I removed the right rear wheels and checked the resistance from at the coupling connector. It seems to read open. I don't know if that's unusual or not. Either way this feels like progress.

So, I've ordered a new right rear wheel ABS speed sensor and hopefully it will be here in a few days.
I'm having the same issue, but my iCarsoft MB II isn't giving a specific code, it just says D40B and D40C are functioning properly. Did you get anything like that or a specific code? I'm not sure if I'm going through the scanner right to get the codes.

I have a 2013 3500.

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