Second Alternator for T1Ns


2007 LTV Serenity
I know they made Ambulances out of them, but is it still possible to get a second alternator for the T1N? I would like to remove the cord to the house and hook it to it's own alternator so I can use it like the ETrek from RoadTrek. Someday I'll get around to doing the battery, but for now I want to get the second mounting location hardware before it's (hopefully not already) too late.

This would let me charge the RV batteries from the engine using 3 stage charge, or I could turn it off when climbing a hill. Seems like a good feature to have on an RV I want to keep the rest of my life.



2007 LTV Serenity
Funny that no one else has seen one. I emailed the site as their online store has no Sprinter products at all. I was inspired by the RoadTrek's second alternator and as usual realize that manufacturers don't make accessories forever to go in your van. The electric motor for my Faimma F45i awning was discontinued JUST before I realized I wanted one... Just saw the RoadTrek Sprinter 4x4 at the show in Pamona CA last weekend, makes it easy to see how the alternator is included with the engine way up in the air.



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Thanks. I knew that the alternator could be upgraded, but hadn't heard about installing a second one.

It seems that air conditioning is the main reason I'd want to beef up the electrical output, but would probably consider adding a second air conditioner compressor before trying to figure out how to run the air conditioner off the batteries. (Which, with lithium batteries, is now a possibility.)

Since batteries can only charge so fast, what would be the purpose of the second alternator? Do you have lithium batteries that can take a more powerful charge?

I sure would love to get rid of the generator and propane tank and go with a system that uses Espar heating and electric for everything else!


Bringing this thread back to life!!!

Anyone done this? Parts list?

I am currently in the process of building my conversion and would like some info on this if possible.

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