Bully Dog Sprinter Products


Not Suitable w/220v Gen
This is not a product endorsement.

I don't own anything like this, but I stumbled upon the Bully Dog Advanced Search looking for something else - and I promptly forgot what I was looking for when I saw that the search options included "Freightliner" "Sprinter Van" "2008" and "3.0L V6 Mercedes Die(sel)."

One product matched: Mercedes 3.0L Rapid Power Perfomance Module

Attached is a PDF of the instructions.


PS: No, I'm not going to get one.


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I am not a mechanic or an expert on any vehical so please take this as it is meant to be just an opinion on my part. I read in a Dodge Canada magazine just last week about and I use their name "gimicks" that promise better fuel mileage. The article implyed that if such items and including the bully one where true do you not think that we as a manufacturer would incorporate these so called fuel saving devices into the manufacturing of our products. They went on to disclaim every one of the top 10 products to be untrue or exaggerated ( some do save fuel but its so little) products. Since reading this article and I wish I could remember where I read it and exactly what it was called I take every claim now with a grain of salt and keep my money in my pocket. It stated at the end of the article "Really if we want to save fuel dollars slow down, change your oil and fuel filter regulary keep your tires at the right pressure". Again please remember this is just my opinion on an article I read.


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Hey Speedy! I'm on my second cup of coffee, so add another grain of salt. Any boob can type and post, no experience or intelligence required... (Except for this posting of course...:D: ) The bigger the ax you have to grind, the more postings. I think what things boil down to is basically how much of an expert do YOU want to become? The manufacturers "could build a more efficient" product if their hands weren't tied by emission regulations. Or crash protection regulations for folks that like to drive on the edge. Or a very long line of vehicle options that all add weight to the vehicle, decreasing both fuel mileage and performance. So I feel the bottom line is that the real experts who design these engines/vehicles are doing so to specifications that don't align themselves with mileage/performance. One can go around the side door and cherry pick which regulations you violate, and get the benefits that would have been designed in were it not for those regulations. OR.. you can leave your vehicle stock, sensibly loaded, well maintained, and drive like your father taught you... just like you said. Of course, down here in the lower 1/2 of CA, you'll get better mileage from the folks pushing you to go faster, and by the slipstream they create as they blow past you, allowing the venturi effect to save fuel.


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"Venturi effect" :thumbup:


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Isn't that the vanturi effect for us?? :lol:
CBC TV just aired their consumer show an hour ago, and they tested a gimmick that the maker claimed will save $5 per tank. It made absolutely no difference on the CBC tests. The company president started by claiming that they had spent $100,000s on testing and by the end backed down and said the claims were just based on 'customer reports'. Cost $200, and there are dozens of these types of things out there. Buyer beware!

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