Judging mechanical health of engine and transmission ?


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My 2006 T1N is at a point were I've replaced nearly every external component of the engine, but I'm wondering how the internal health is?

The only items I know to check, is to have an oil analysis done and maybe do a compression test. But what about the oil pump? Or any internal seals that could be leaking?

The current engine has 160K on it and seems to run fine, maybe a little rough when I first start.



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If it has received regular oil and filter changes, then it is probably just getting well broken in from a mileage point of view. The external parts exposed to dust, dirt, and weather suffer more from age related issues than the internals.

One can never be certain of these things, but judging by anecdotal evidence your chances of getting another five years and 200k without internal trouble are pretty good!!

Rough run might be glow plugs or injectors, could try running some power service in the fuel for a few tankfuls...

A complete list of what you replaced when might yet turn up some external bits you need to keep an eye on


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Your engine & tranny have the capability to go a million miles w/ meticulous routine maintenance. So, follow all of MB's recommendations (oil, filter, intervals, OEM accessories, etc.). You've got a long way to go before they should be rebuilt.

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