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Hey guys, this is my first post & I have no idea if im in the right spot.

I have a 2001 Sprinter & I have two main problems...

My blinkers are not working, I got the injectors fixed & when I got it back the blinker was going super fast, so I bought two new rear blinkers ( I swaped to LED).
Then they slowly just stoped working all together, now none work BUT my hazard lights still flick on at the front but don't go normal...


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Here's some genuine advise!
Stop dicking about with LED bulbs in that van!

Install the correct factory bulbs before you get a brake torque reaction ABS fault!
AND That doesn't mean American spec bulbs Made in China from the "Zone" either!


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Unless the LEDs have an added resistive load, then the Sprinter detected that at least one of the lights in the blinker circuit has burned out and the flasher will run at high speed. LEDs have almost no resistive load by them selves, so that is why its (was) flashing fast. You can buy LEDs lights for vehicles that are supposed to have the extra resistor in each, but for the most part, you have to look specifically for these. I use LED bulbs for all except the Turn Signal bulbs in the rear lights.

Using the correct light bulbs restores the known resistive load, and allows the flasher circuit to work at the right speed. The light bulbs cost less and its easy to throw spares in the glove box.

The Relay (under the steering column) that controls this flashing mode is likely burned out. While you are at it, you might as well replace both relays (they are right next to each other).

All relays have a limited lifespan - they all eventually fail.

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