T1N and NCV3 Fuel Pre-filter

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2005 T1N 2500 (NA spec)
With my spin-on donaldson filters, I am going on 60k+ miles without changing any of them... I am planning to replace the spin on filters here soon. The factor filter will stay in place, as it is only there to catch crap that might get introduced when I replace the spin-ons.
Any chance of a picture of the rig installed?

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For those interested here are some parts I ordered to add extra fuel filtration to my sprinter. Obviously these are part of a custom install. It is fully reversible. Other than re-routing the feed line before the OE filter, the stock system is untouched.

Here is the head assembly for the spin on filters. 1"-14 filter thread, and 1/2"NPT inlet/outlet ports.
P562261 $18

Here is the primary filter and water separator. 10 Micron, Synthetic media, 120GPH, has drain. 95% emulsified water removal.
P551001 $16

This the 3 micron secondary filter. Cellulose media, 120GPH. No drain.
P551313 $11

Also needed for the T1N, 3/8 Fuel hose, clamps, 1/2"NPT-> hose barb fittings.

The total should be around $100-120 for materials. Obviously mounting and whatnot could be difficult depending on individual skill level. Note that all of these filters without the clear filter bowl are rated to 100PSI. So they are safe to use on the pressure side of sprinters with the OM647 engine.

Edit: I got my filters from here. You need to know the part number to order.

Edit 2: Here's a photo of the setup (not installed yet).

1. How is this setup working for you, three or so years later?
2. This is essentially the setup I've always used for my WVO setup, though I ended up using Wix filters. This is somewhat worth a chuckle since you asked me on my fuel restriction thread (resolved, BTW) if there was any chance of bypass in the filtration. Unless Wix really messed with the design, I think it's safe.
3. I recently got a WIF light and decided to throw my Wix water separator on there (since my WVO system is not installed right now). Then, I ordered a Donaldson filter, P553213 because I'd like to have a bowl. This is a 3 micron cellulose water separator. I am thinking it would do the job so well, I'd "never" have to change the Mercedes filter that comes after it (currently using the stock style for my om612 but planning to replace it with something such as the Mahle KL313 Vic touts--though I'd even more prefer to find one with a 3/8" input and output). What's your reason for using two filters in tandem? Just because you wanted a composite water separator, and those don't come in micron ratings less than 10?
4. I'm thinking, maybe I don't even need the Mahle or the stock style already there (more filters, more problems). Any reason you wouldn't do that?


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1: Works great. I removed it late last year for my 4x4 conversion, but it will get reinstalled in the spring.
3: Two filters in a row gives emulsified water more chance to coalesce. I also wanted sub 4 micron (OE design) filtration and a water repellent filter (as you mention).

4: You need to address the thermostatic tee (OM612). You also want a WIF sensor. Donalsdon has filters with a WIF sensor port, so you could just buy the 15$ sensor and wire it to the stock harness.
4: You need to address the thermostatic tee (OM612). You also want a WIF sensor. Donalsdon has filters with a WIF sensor port, so you could just buy the 15$ sensor and wire it to the stock harness.
Oh wow. I’d love to have a robust water separator hooked up to my dash light. Best of both worlds.

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