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04 Sprinter, 118" Cargo
I started my 04' T1N 118" the other day and I heard a pop from the engine. A new high pitched whistle started immediately... After some inspection and some research, it seemed the noise was coming from the power steering reservoir. When I drove off, I had no power steering...

My local Mercedes mechanic suggested that we start by replacing just the reservoir. Then if that didn't fix it, we'd need to replace the pump as well. He's not a sprinter guy, but he did say that was a fix for sedans. The filter inside the reservoir breaks and rattles inside and could make a whistle and could prevent fluid from exiting.

Has anyone had this problem before? Does it seem like the right fix? If so, where is a good place to purchase the parts?

Thanks in advance.


04 Sprinter, 118" Cargo
After doing some research... is the reservoir sold separately or does it come as one complete unit? And suggestions would help...
Sold as a complete unit


T1N Westfalia
My mechanic (former M-B tech) said it is not like usual M-B autos where reservoir is separate unit which makes replacement of filter (part of reservoir) easy and inexpensive. On the Sprinter it is all in one single unit (of course making it expensive, esp. when the the goal is to just change filter).



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If you can, I would like to see pictures/explanation of what broke. I thought about installing an inline filter as they are quite cheap


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I have always changed the complete unit. Some information here.


The pump is usually sold as a complete assembly for the T1N here.

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Steve just a comment on the "DEE-structionnes" in the text!
Destruction can be the operative word!
In most PAS systems the filtration occurs on the return and it is trapped inside the filter contained within the reservoir.
If you replace a component like a pump and the reservoir assy as in the Sprinter it is recommended to leave the return pipe off ! Start the engine and direct the loose hose into a catch bucket. Now with an assistant continually filling "the pot" with fluid , turn the steering slowly lock to lock twice with the axle raised on stands. This will purge out all the old fluid and contamination like metal particles from the lines and the steering gear into the bucket not the into the new reservoir and filter!
Cheers Dennis


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Steve /Guys
To emphasize the point back in my truck days the reservoir on most stuff had a removable cover made by Eaton. With the cover off it was very tempting just to pull the filter out and slip a new one in with the old fluid still in there.
Of course as you pulled it out, the filtered crap would fall out with the fluid slurp and be re- injested into the pump with some really interesting and expensive results!:rolleyes:

Steve if you remember the construction compant Wimpy in the UK, they imported more Pakies from Idi Amin's Uganda than anyone else to service their trucks!

One cretin called Jogindah wrecked just about every bloody truck in a sub fleet stationed in Uxbridge not observing this very important procedure!
Must have cost the company a small fortune in lost/wrecked parts!:laughing:

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