Black Forest, LLC (Independent, Milwaukee North/Glendale)

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For those looking for an independent mechanic in the Milwaukee metro area, Black Forest is a good alternative. I had my T1N serviced at their shop, and was always happy with their work. They service the Sprinter and all Mercedes automobiles, as well as restoration work on classic Mercedes cars. Depending on the projects they have going, they have some awesome wheels parked in their lot!

Black Forest, LLC
2900 Vera Ave.
Glendale, WI 53209

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For what it's worth: I'm in the Milwaukee area and called this shop today. I was informed that "we only work on Mercedes" and "unfortunately, we don't do any work on Sprinters". Which was a bit of a shock and a let down to me, considering their website specifically boasts of the work on Dodge branded Sprinters, which they go out of their way to mention were made by Mercedes, and which includes a Mercedes branding swap for $500. "Yes, I'm sorry our website is a bit outdated." Disappointed to say the least. Thought I finally found a local shop.
:rolleyes::rolleyes: WOW! That's really changed from when I had my T1N in there. They serviced a lot of Sprinters back in the day. I wonder why they stopped. This particular shop is very big into restoration of older Mercedes cars ... it could be that they decided to take this on fulltime and dumped their service business. They always had a lot of classics sitting around when I was there with the Sprinter for service.

There's a really great independent here in Madison for regular cars, all German makes ... but they can't fit Sprinters in their service bays. They need to build a roof addition! :thumbup:

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